America’s Cutest Green Baby?

I never realized just how much she stands out in her demographic…

Still in the haze of Hurricane Adoption, I entered a contest in Kiwi magazine: America’s Cutest Green baby. I didn’t have any great pics of Acacia at the time (at least, none from my “good” camera), but I was rather smitten by one of her in the bath. She JUST made the age cut off by days (couldn’t be older than 18 months to enter). So, I quickly wrote a blurb about why she’s “green”, and went on with the day.

I got an email today, months later, that told me out of over 800 entries, Acacia was one of 25 finalists! I originally entered the contest for fun, for the prospect of some cash and an Aveeno gift basket, and because I think we do pretty well in the ‘green parenting’ department.  I purposely did not mention in the essay portion that we adopted her from Ethiopia. Adoption may indeed be the greenest choice one can make when growing a family, if you really think about it. However, something about that feels exploiting, and I just want her to win because of that sweet, buck-toothed smile of hers. 🙂

I’m really not that competitive. And this is the closest to pagentry that our family will ever come… but I wouldn’t mind winning at all. 🙂 I do have to say, apparently to be in the running for Queen Green Tot, an eccentric name is a mandatory requirement!

If you’re so inclined, please vote for her here (as often as you’d like!) until the end of the month. These things are tough, because you know there’s some internet-junkie grandparent out there clicking on their pride & joy’s name every 3 seconds. If anyone would like to take that role on for us, I’ll take you to dinner.



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