Since removing friends updates from my facebook feed, I’ve noticed a trend. Almost all the pages I follow are food related! Be it a cooking site or an informative one, I am interested in cooking, learning about, and eating food. 🙂

One page I follow is by vegan cookbook author Isa Moskowitz. I only have one of her cookbooks, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, but I think I’m about to invest in a few more. She’s a fun, creative cook with a punk flair. Now that I’ve interacted with her on Facebook, I can also honestly say that she’s a really sweet, genuine seeming person.

Anyhow, she decided to host a little cooking challenge. In the spirit of the TV show Chopped, she asked willing participants to create a dish in 40 minutes or less, using 4 pre-chosen ingredients. The details of the challenge, what I chose to make, the recipe I created, and links to Isa’s cookbooks can all be found here, on Squidoo’s Good Veg forum.

I didn’t win the challenge. There were over 100 entries (this chic has a following!) and I was not the only person to use the ingredients she required in the way that I did.

But, I still got an honorable mention (many of us did) with a very sweet comment. Isa wrote:

A lot of people made delicious sounding tacos, but these were the prettiest!

I’m an average-at-best chef when it comes to creating my own dishes, but I do love a good plating… so her comment was very heartfelt!

My Vegan-Style “Chopped” Entry: Black Eyed Pea Tacos with Mole Sauce and Fruit Salsa

I hope Isa does more cooking challenges. Next time, I know I’ve gotta get wild with what I create. In the meantime, I have a LOT of leftover Mole Sauce to eat!


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  1. Kathy · · Reply

    They ARE gorgeous! And on my list of recipes to try!!

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