So what was that about my grand plans to keep this blog as a catalog of our family adventures? I wish I could say we just had SO many adventures that there just possibly wasn’t time to keep it going. That might be, maybe 10% true.

Maybe it’s that Acacia isn’t a so-called baby anymore. And every parent (or person with some sort of child connection) knows that toddlers are actually wayyyy more work than babies. Being able to ask for what you want really ups the intricacies of one’s daily requests. Even right now as I type this, Zinnia is patiently waiting for me to help her bead a necklace, change the scent in the scentsy warmer, and have a slumber party. I do not remember which of these requests came first, nor do I know their hierarchy. What I do know is that the sound of teeny beads bouncing across the kitchen floor is sure to amount to an urgent need in a matter of minutes.

Perhaps it’s that I’m using the 3 hours a week that I have to myself (aka, both kids go to preschool on Tuesday AM) to write. But not to write on this blog. There’s something wrong with taking that coveted kid-free time and spend it organizing pictures and recapping the best of times with the very same little people from whom I’ve just gotten a break. Instead I have my own personal project that gives me great joy and keeps me inspired in an adult sort of way.

In the remaining 165 hours of each week, I’ve made a conscious effort to stop trying to capture every perfect moment of the girls’ childhood on film, and to start just enjoying those moments as they roll.  It’s been pretty easy to do, because  2 and 4 yr. old busybodies don’t leave me with a free arm to hold the camera anyhow. We’ve kept things at a relatively slow rhythm in comparison to the “rest of the world,” at least from what I can tell. Yet I’m still in the midst of experiencing that phenomenon that seasoned parents warned me of when Zin was born. That thing about it all going so fast. Well, we’re currently in what I perceive to be the middle of “it,” but it is undeniably flying.

So, in conclusion, I can’t even begin to recap the neat little things we’ve done over the course of these past two seasons. Mostly it’s involved some combination of food, holiday, friendship and the act of (all of us) continuing to grow. And despite my total failure in documenting that stuff, I remember what’s good, and I’ve learned the art of moving on from the not-so-fun days where we all want to strangle each other. What can I say? Those days happen, too.

Today reminded me that a downtime day is a really good excuse to snap a few pictures. Put on a few dresses and sit in the windowsill, and childhood is captured pretty darn well just by the sheer fact of how kids like to ham it up when given the opportunity. At least I can end this non-update with a few good pictures of my kids at their best. 🙂

girls 012013

girls dresses 2

girls dresses


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