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Away from the Glow

I must’ve seen a good ten different articles this week about the fact it’s a problem that Americans are spending too much time behind screens. How it’s terrible that we live virtually through social media and video games. How it’s detrimental to our socialization when we hide behind our phones. How it’s sad that we […]


So what was that about my grand plans to keep this blog as a catalog of our family adventures? I wish I could say we just had SO many adventures that there just possibly wasn’t time to keep it going. That might be, maybe 10% true. Maybe it’s that Acacia isn’t a so-called baby anymore. […]

November is…

National Adoption Month. In November of 2009, we officially began our adoption process. In November of 2011, we gained custody of Acacia, completing a major chapter in our adoption journey. This November, I could try my best to persuade those of you who are still growing your families to consider taking the adoption route. And […]

August Highlights

Just Add Water One thing Patrick and I continually wish we had in our lives were siblings. I know not every family is close-knit, but I have a hunch we’d be the type of people to get along with our bro and sis. Family vacations are something we don’t really have childhood memories of, and […]

July Highlights

Being mommy to two is SO HARD! Have I said that before…? I look back on my days with just Zin, and think, “Wow. I had no idea how easy it was when the parent-child ratio was two to one.” Of course, everything was new then, and life went into selfless mode. But, there was […]

Things that Matter.

After spending time in Ethiopia, I got a new perspective on life. Sure, I’d seen the hardships of the third world via news, the internet, etc. But, it’s so different when it penetrates you. I never lived there in the smoggy city of Addis, or the rural plains of southern Ethiopia, but my daughter did, […]


Since removing friends updates from my facebook feed, I’ve noticed a trend. Almost all the pages I follow are food related! Be it a cooking site or an informative one, I am interested in cooking, learning about, and eating food. 🙂 One page I follow is by vegan cookbook author Isa Moskowitz. I only have […]