I never realized just how much she stands out in her demographic… Still in the haze of Hurricane Adoption, I entered a contest in Kiwi magazine: America’s Cutest Green baby. I didn’t have any great pics of Acacia at the time (at least, none from my “good” camera), but I was rather smitten by one […]

It’s been just over six months since Acacia stepped onto US soil. We have come SO far in half of a year. She’s gone from zero English words to: Mommy, Dada, Java, Dog, Cat, Please, Thank You, Up, Down, More, All gone, Apple, Banana, Food, Potty, Poop, Play, Outside, Seat, I see it, Put away, […]

My old blog, “Path to Acacia,” has been detoured, and renamed. Welcome to “Our Wall: The McGowan Family’s Adventures from A(cacia) to Z(innia).” It’s a work in progress, but I hope to keep it going strong for a good long while. I’ve archived all the posts from PTA, added a few pages at the header, […]

I’ve been trying to get all our journalings in order, as both Patrick and I documented A LOT from our trip to bring Acacia home. However, at this point, the stories are better kept for our own memories, or to tell over cocktails at dinner parties. We’ve been home three weeks… and we know that, […]

How is it that Acacia could so perfectly sleep through the night, but I couldn’t manage? Maybe it was because I had so confidently announced that I’d conquered jetlag. We started the day with a trip to the AHope Orphanage with the Gourley’s (another adopting family). They were bringing donations to this home for children […]

Outside our Guest House: Getting into Addis was quite a blur. The plane ride here was nothing short of perfect, for when we departed DC for London, we had a free seat in our row. I think I slept at least 5 hours- awesome. When we changed planes in London? Free seat score #2! We […]

Back in Ethiopia. The familiar smells of burning diesel and rich coffee are uncanny. New friends include the Africa sun and mosquitos. This morning we attended a non-denominational church with other adoptive families that were staying at our guest house. While not my path, I was inspired by the congregation and reminded of the passion […]