You have to be thirteen to vote. You also have to be real. …I learned that on Sesame Street!

JUNE, 2012

I’m not going to play my Winnie the Pooh card game. It stresses me out.

MAY, 2012

As Zinnia is climbing into a coin-operated race car in the mall…

A Nearby Boy: “You need a lot of money to drive that!”

Me: “Well, we just pretend, right Zinnia?”

Zinnia: “Yeah, we just pretend we have money.”

Flowers grow in the grass. They don’t grow in the road, because cars would trip over them.

APRIL, 2012

Me: “Want to go back outside, Zin?”

Zin: “Outside there’s a boxcar waiting, to take me away to nowhere place.”


“Being a girl is hard. I have so many jobs. Like washing my pretend dishes in my pretend sink…”


One comment

  1. Michelle · · Reply

    aww what a fantastic idea! These crack me up! I have GOT to write down the hilarious things the girls say!! Thanks for the reminder 😉

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